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How to choose the best Galapagos tour package for your trip?

Happy Gringo offers a complete range of Galapagos Islands products to suit all travel styles and budgets:

galapagos cruise option Tour Options
 Galapagos Cruises

 Without a doubt the most popular and recommended way to visit the Galapagos islands is a live-aboard yacht cruise. Experience a greater diversity of Galapagos wildlife and scenery and visit the very best of the Galapagos tourist sites available.

galapagos adventure option Tour Options
Galapagos island hopping

Galapagos island hopping packages offer a great alternative to cruises – you sleep in a hotel each night on one of the inhabited islands (Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal) whilst enjoying daytrips to the further afield islands. These packages often include adventure activities to enjoy along with the wonderful wildlife.

galapagos hotel option Tour Options
 Hotel Based Package

For those without sea-legs it is possible to base your entire stay on Santa Cruz island and visit the other islands on guided daytrips returning to the safe comfort of a hotel bed each night.


Whichever Galapagos travel option is most appropriate to you and your family we will be very happy to assist with all of your Galapagos tour plans, and we are sure that your trip to the Galapagos Islands will be a truly memorable one!!!