Trip planning: When is best to visit the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos islands are considered to be a year-round destination so to a great extent there is no best or worst time to visit. The Galapagos weather is attractive in all months: from January to June the it is typically warmer but wetter, and from July to December cooler and dryer with slightly rougher seas. Galapagos wildlife viewing is wonderful throughout the year – generally different animals are active at different times of year and mating / birth habits vary between Galapagos species so there is always plenty to see and enjoy whenever you choose to come!

In terms of when it is best to book, we always recommend organising and reserving your Galapagos tour well in advance to avoid disappointment because tourist demand is high year-round and often popular Galapaogs tours become sold-out well in advance. By planning early you will typically have a greater range of tour options and travel dates to choose between.

Of course it is sometimes possible to take advantage of cheaper last-minute deals booking your trip when you arrive to Ecuador, but this is always a more risky approach – you can save money but the flipside is that some tourists end up with either no Galapagos tour available at all or at best a very limited choice. So it can be a risky business.

However and whenever you prefer to plan your Galapagos tour  Trips and Dreams are here to help and assist.


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