Which payment methods with its own fees are available?

If you have booked a tour at least 2 weeks in advance then we accept the following payments:

International Transfer Bank (these are the codes in our bank in Ecuador)
Beneficiary Bank:BancoProdubanco
Address: AMAZONAS AVENUE N35-211 JAPON. Quito – Ecuador
Account Name:Christoper Jimenez Solis
Account Number: 12228029241 (Savings Account)

Western Union
To:Christoper Jimenez Solis
I.D.: 092238363-3
Address: Quisquis 305 and Rumichaca
Phone Numbers: (+593-4) 230-7804 (International call), (04) 2-307804 (Local call in Ecuador)
Mobile: (+593-9) 235-1335
Country: Ecuador
City: Guayaquil

* CREDIT CARD – it is possible to pay via signature on file which entails completing and signing an authorization form, scanning and emailing a copy to us. Bank and local tax charges are from 6 to 8% so you should add this cost to your payment. Please bear in mind that under Ecuadorian law we cannot take your credit card details over the phone or on our website.

* MONEYGRAM / WESTERN UNION – money-wiring is the quickest way to get money to us and is also extremely secure. Moneygram currently charge 4 to 6% to use their services, and Western Union between 4 and 7%.

* CASH – of course we accept US$ cash in our Guayaquil office, but check the rules that apply with last minute bookings first.

I am booking a last minute tour – which payment options are available?

A last minute booking is classified as a booking made less than 2 weeks before your trip departure date.

 If you are in Guayaquil then it is best to pay us in US$ cash in our office. If you are currently travelling in Ecuador (but not in Guayaquil) then our Ecuadorian bank account will be cheapest and easiest. If you are outside of Ecuador then we can only accept the Moneygram / Western Union form of payment because all other payment methods take too long to reach us.

When should I make a deposit in advance, and when a full payment?

Generally speaking we require at least a 30% deposit at time of booking in order to confirm your reservation. Full payment is then due at least 2 months before your date of travel. Of course should you prefer to pay in full at time of booking then that is also no problem.


Only in the case of bookings made less than 2 months before date of travel do we immediately require full payment.

Consult our full terms and conditions for further information.

Why is prompt payment so important?

It is important because the terms and conditions of the operators that we have to pay on your behalf are often very strict, and late payment can mean that your reservation is cancelled by the operator.

Why can’t I pay directly with credit card like I can in USA/Europe?

Unfortunately Ecuador’s banking system is not as advanced as in USA or Europe. It is therefore not possible for an Ecuadorian business to accept credit card details from a client over the phone / internet. The methods that we can accept are signature on file (see description above) or a direct card payment in our office where you must have passport with you as proof of ID.

How do I wire money by Moneygram (MG) or Western Union (WU)?

People are sometimes nervous because the money-wiring process is new to them or seems confusing, but really there is no need for worry because it both quick and very simple.


* Ask Travel Galapagos for details of who and where to wire the money to.

* Locate the agent closest to you on either the MG (www.moneygram.com) or WU (www.westernunion.com) websites. There are agents in most towns and cities in the world including latinamerica.

* Visit the local agent with the cash you would like to deposit (including the % sending fee) and your passport as ID.

* Tell the agent who you want to send money to and their current location (city, country). The agent will take your personal details, check your ID, take your money, organize the wire, and finally give you a receipt.

* Email us to let us know the reference number that is written on your receipt so that we can collect the money here in Guayaquil.

It’s as simple as that and the money arrives to us just 10 minutes after you have sent it!!!

Do you accept travellers checks?


When will Travel Galapagos send me a receipt for payments received?

We send receipts out by email on the same day that we receive your transfer.