How do I know whether my boat will have a good guide?

Almost all guides work free-lance and frequently change between the boats, therefore a boat that may have had a great guide one week may have an average one the next – it is simply impossible to predict. Travel Galapagos therefore never recommend any specific boat based on whether a certain guide will be working on it or not, because this information can change.

The best guideline to whether you can expect a good guide is the level of guide – generally speaking guides of level III are superb, level II are good, level I are a mixture from good to bad.

Do all guides speak English?

Yes, all guides on the yachts that Travel Galapagos sell are qualified to guide a tour in English. Clients should bear in mind though that the level of english between guides is very variable and that English is their second language so patience is sometimes required!

What is the difference between guides of level I, II and III?

There are three levels of licensed naturalist guide: I, II and III. The main difference between the levels is experience with level III having most experience and level I the least. Generally speaking the economy/tourist boats work with levels I and II, tourist superior with II, and first/luxury with II or III.

What is a “naturalist” guide?

A guide who has been trained and licensed by the National Park Authority to lead tours, and who is a specialised in nature and biology.