I am not a strong swimmer; can I snorkel with a life jacket?

Every boat provides life jackets to passengers so it is no problem at all to use one whilst snorkeling.

Is a wetsuit necessary?

For diving it is always necessary to use a wetsuit.

 For snorkeling it really depends – during the cold season the sea can be chilly and it can be advisable to use a wetsuit. In the warm season it is usually not necessary. It also depends upon each individual and their resistance to the cold.

Wetsuits can be rented sometimes directly from the boats.

What is the standard of the snorkeling equipment provided?

The standard varies by boat. Generally it is not the most modern or newest equipment but is in safe working order and suitable.

Is use of snorkeling equipment included in my cruise?

It depends on which boat you are booked on – some include equipment, others charge a small rental fee. Each boat page on the Travel Galapagos website details each particular boat policy with regard to snorkeling equipment.

What is the standard of the dive equipment provided?

The standard varies byoperator. Generally it is not the most modern or newest equipment but is in safe working order and suitable.

What information do you need from me in advance about equipment size?

• Height
• Shoesize
• Wetsuitsize (ifknown)
• PADI licencenumber
• Dive experience (number of dives previously made)

Is all dive equipment included?


Are dive sites suitable for both inexperienced and experienced divers?

Each site is unique and will be suitable for a different experience level of diver – some have strong currents and should only be attempted by experienced divers, others are calm and suitable for inexperienced divers. You should always consult with the dive master on board to decide whether each dive site is safe and suitable for you.

At which islands is it possible to dive?

Almost every island at Galapagos has dive sites. It is best to consult with our diving webpage to decide which sites are most suitable for you based upon the dive difficulty of the site and the wildlife that it is possible to see there.

Which dive options are available at Galapagos?

There are 3 dive options:
Specialist dive boat where the principal reason for the trip is to dive. These cruises are extremely expensive and often head up to islands Darwin and Wolf specialist dive areas including several dives per day.

Occasional dive boat : these boats had their licenses revoked by the National Park Authority and so occasional diving is unfortunately no longer possible (see note above).

Land-based dives can be made from Santa Cruz whilst staying overnight at a hotel. Land-based dives are now the easiest and most recommended way to see the under-water life at Galapagos.