Amazon Rain Forest

In some ways, life in the Amazon rainforest continues just as it did a millennia ago. Both light and time seem unable to penetrate the near hermetic canopy of towering trees sewn together with vines and moss.

From ancient bird-eating spiders to endemic monkeys that can sit on your fingertip, to thousand year old indigenous tribes still hunting with blowguns and spears, the Amazon is a virtual time machine whose every inch is energized with rainforest Amazon Rain Forest

Though tropical rainforests cover less than 10% of the Earth’s surface, they account for over 50% of its species. One hectare of forest in the Ecuadorian amazon boasts about as many frog species as all of North America, and just one Amazonian tree can host more ant species than all of the British Isles combined. The Amazon Rainforest enthralls any person that has the good fortune of experiencing it´s wonders. Let it captivate you too!

Ecuador, with its 2% share of the Amazon (know as the Oriente), provides unparalleled opportunities for experiencing the magic of the rainforest. Not only does it have one of the world’s best developed infrastructures for rainforest tourism, but most destinations are accessible within a day’s journey from Quito,

Whether you are looking for a luxury lodge with three-course meals and hot showers, a mud-up-to-your-knees trekking and camping adventure, or something in between, Ecuador has a program to meet your needs.